let me tell you kids, college is quite the morality test


Just remember, everyone sins in different ways.

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10:09 am and i am so dead. college is extremely tiring. i think i missed professor breckon’s entire lecture today because i kept dozing off, not that political science is even my forte. he’s very funny and interesting but i’d almost rather prefer mr. hollander. (?) i think i saw my roommates on the walk back but my headphones were in and i was too lost in another state of exhaustion to even reply. sleep is so wonderful. as i type this i am fantasizing. my roommate has class all day today which means i get to have alone time, which is also nice. but i really like her and my other two roommates are sweet too.

i have to give a speech tomorrow for oral communications. it is my second time in the class. my teacher is marilyn ribble. she’s very kind and patient and that’s the best you could ask for in a speech class. the prompt is to talk about an object that represents you. i have no idea what i’ll do but i’ll figure it out later. just like how i’m figuring all of my book situations out later. 

college is a lot about perspective. the first few days, i found college to be a mixture of both extreme excitement and horrible loneliness. it’s very easy to find yourself alone with no place to call your comfort zone. i always had a go-to spot, or go-to people. you can’t help but feel isolated in a sea of strangers. i feel like i’m just going through motions, as if i am one insignificant student in a campus of thousands of unrecognizable faces. sitting alone in my classes with not one person to talk to the entire day until i get home is just so foreign to me, because high school was the complete opposite. but then i remember that i’ve moved on and this is much more than that. other days i feel pumped and i make new friends and i love it. i’ve mostly been hanging out with people i know from home and their roommates, but i haven’t found my “person” yet, someone who reminds me of my best friends from home, someone comfortable, someone who i find myself in. i trust that i will meet someone soon. 

in summary, i really do enjoy college. it’s definitely not for some people. but i can tell this experience is going to be something i will treasure for awhile, with the spontaneous hangouts and the independence and the overwhelming amount of new faces and eccentric personalities. i’ll find my thing soon. arcade fire: “i guess we’ll just have to adjust.” 

always very tired. zzz.


i’m having jessica cody feels right now because who else would drive to my college alone four days after i left just to hangout with me on my birthday. meeting a bunch of people and putting up with the foreign new life. you know, if you’ve never befriended that girl then i highly highly recommend. 10/10.